Caught—Doctors in Trouble

While we encourage you to use the Medical Board of California’s website (BreEZe) to look up your doctor, you should know that the information there is often incorrect and incomplete. The Medical Board itself has admitted that as of the end of 2016, there are over 15,000 public documents missing from their public database.

Their website is also not very user-friendly and even if you do find the doctor you’re looking for, trying to find out the status of his/her license can be daunting.

In an effort to try and make it easier to search for and find the information consumers need, we have created our own website with a lot of the public information from the Medical Board’s website. We are readily adding doctors all the time and transferring the public documents to our site as well. We will be adding doctors as they appear in the alerts sent out by the Medical Board, and then working backward. All of the Medical Board license alerts from 2017 have been entered, and we’re now adding 2016.

It’s going to be very time consuming and right now we only have two volunteers doing all of the data entry. Our information is only as good as the Medical Board’s information at the time we create the doctor’s profile. So while it’s a good starting point for information, you should still visit BreEZe and see if any of the information has changed or been altered.

Click HERE to go to the CAUGHT search page. 

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