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Who We Are:

The Center for Justice & Democracy at New York Law School (CJ&D) is a national tax-exempt non-partisan organization dedicated to educating the public about the importance of the civil justice system and fighting attacks on the rights of injured victims. CJ&D is the only national consumer group in the country dedicated exclusively to this mission. CJ&D was established in 1998. In 2011, CJ&D entered an exciting partnership with New York Law School and currently helps teach a project-based learning course called Civil Justice Through the Courts.

Our Mission:

We are working to stop laws that restrict victims’ rights; to preserve and improve consumers’ access to the civil courts; to increase corporate, professional and governmental accountability through the civil justice system; and to create renewed respect for lawyers and their work.


Consumer Attorneys of California
Consumer Attorneys of California

Consumer Attorneys of California is a professional organization made up of nearly 3,000 attorneys who represent plaintiffs seeking accountability from those who do wrong. Among the consumers our attorney-members represent are:

  • Those injured or killed by defective products or drugs.
  • People who suffer discrimination because of age, gender, disability or race.
  • Individuals injured or killed because of another’s negligent acts.
  • Citizens whose civil rights have been violated.
  • Workers who have been fired unjustly or injured on the job.
  • Investors and others wronged by financial institutions.
  • Those whose lives are undercut when insurance companies act in bad faith.
  • Patients who have negligently been harmed instead of healed by the health care industry.


Consumer Watchdog | Home

Consumer Watchdog is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an effective voice for taxpayers and consumers in an era when special interests dominate public discourse, government and politics. We deploy an in-house team of public interest lawyers, policy experts, strategists, and grassroots activists to expose, confront, and change corporate and political injustice every day, saving Americans billions of dollars and improving countless lives.

For decades Consumer Watchdog has been the nation’s most aggressive consumer advocate, taking on politicians of both parties and the special interests that fund them.


TORT REFORM « Protect Consumer Justice

This site has some excellent articles on tort reform, written by veterans of the news industry.