Our Advocates

Lenore Alexander

Mother of Leah Coufal. Agoura Hills, CA—Ten years ago, Lenore Alexander’s 11-year-old daughter, Leah Coufal, underwent elective surgery to correct pectus carinatum at a prestigious Southern California hospital. Though the surgery … Read More

Eric Andrist

Brother of Cali Andrist. Valley Village, CA—After 20 years of working in musical theater production, Eric gave up his career to care for his elderly mother, Evelyn, and disabled sister, Cali, who was mentally retarded with the learning … Read More

Thomas Boström
Claire McCormack

Parents of Nora Boström. San Francisco, CA— … Read More

Jessica Chan

Daughter of Michele Woo. San Francisco, CA— … Read More

Alicia Cole

Victim of medical negligence. Sherman Oaks, CA—Alicia is a Survivor of multiple Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs). In August 2006, following routine fibroid removal, Alicia left the operating room with a fever, nausea and pain. Her … Read More


Joy & Bob Cull

Parents of Olivia Cull. Santa Monica, CA—Robert Cull, is an accomplished architect who helped design Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Joyce, a homemaker, has a master's degree in fine arts. … Read More

Linda DeRogatis

Mother of Tara DeRogatis. Verona, NJ— … Read More

John Douglas

Husband of Mara Douglas. San Diego, CA— … Read More

Robert Downey

Victim of medical negligence. Cameron Park, CA—Robert Downey, spent 20 years in law enforcement, including with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department and is the father of seven children. He had his arms and legs amputated after … Read More


Mother of Adam Glover. Los Gatos, CA— … Read More

Alejandra Gonzalez
Miguel Chavez

Parents of Mia Chavez. Los Angeles, CA— … Read More

Marian Hollingsworth

Daughter of Dr. Keith P. Blair La Mesa, CA— … Read More

Michelle Massey

Mother of Jessie Geyer. … Read More

Connie McLennan

Mother of Tom McLennan. Rocklin, CA— … Read More

Tina Minasian

Victim of medical negligence. Roseville, CA— … Read More


Fiancé of Lloyd Monserratt. Torrance, CA— … Read More

Kathy & Scott Olsen

Parents of Steven Olsen. Chula Vista, CA— … Read More

Bob Pack
Carmen Pack

Parents of Troy and Alana Pack. Danville, CA— … Read More

Ludmila Parada
Mario Guzman

Mario Guzman is a victim of medical, and Ludmila is his wife. San Jose, CA— … Read More

Annette Ramirez

Victim of medical negligence. Manhattan Beach, CA— … Read More

Solange Ritchie

Wife of John Ritchie. Laguna Niguel, CA— … Read More

Suzan Shinazy

Daughter of Shirley Holderness … Read More

Tim Smick
Tammy Smick

Parents of Alex Smick. Downey, CA— … Read More

Beth Stover

Mother of Lehna Stover. … Read More

Rick Strand

Father of Kaitlyn Strand. Danville, CA— … Read More

Wade Westhoff
Jennifer Westhoff

Parents of Morgan Westhoff. Danville, CA— … Read More

Doug Wilkinson
Linda Wilkinson

Parents of Brittany Wilkinson. Clovis, CA— … Read More

Dekel Zelig

Father of Daniela Zelig. Woodland Hills, CA— … Read More