Eric Andrist

Brother of Cali Andrist.

Valley Village, CA—After 20 years of working in musical theater production, Eric gave up his career to care for his elderly mother, Evelyn, and disabled sister, Cali, who was mentally retarded with the learning ability of a 4 year old. Their mom died 14 months later and Eric began caring for Cali full time.

In March 2012, Eric took Cali to the emergency room with a stomach ache, and she was dead 2 days later from medical negligence. He is currently awaiting trial against the doctor and hospital that left his sister dead.

Since his sister’s death, he has worked non-stop to not only make sure that everyone knows about the devastating effects of California’s MICRA law, but to either raise the cap or get it removed all together. He has banded with his fellow victims and patient safety advocates to make it safer when we all go to the hospital.